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City of Faith Life Camp District, Abuja


octagon house front TREM (The Redeemed Evangelical Mission) Life Camp Abuja is a branch of TREM world Headquarters at Obanikoro/Anthony Oke, Lagos which was officially launched on the 4th of January 1981. Its mission is fulfilling the great commission which is to go into the entire world and make disciples of all nations. TREM has over 160 branches in 10 nations of the world with several arms all geared at reaching the “unreached” wherever they can be found. TREM Life Camp Abuja is currently the headquarters of TREM North 1 zone churches. Being the first branch of TREM established in Abuja FCT, it has passed through different stages of evolution from her inception to date and the establishment of this branch opened doors for other TREM branches to be established in the city of Abuja and other satellite towns within the FCT (Federal Capital Territory). Its first evolution started as a house fellowship on the 11th June, 1995 at Idu one of the satellite towns in Abuja and the history of TREM in Abuja will not be completed without making reference to our matriarch and pioneering member (Late pastor Mrs. Maria Theresa Anwumabelem) of blessed memory, who is a true TREMite indeed and out of her love and passion for this ministry saw the need to establish TREM in Abuja and gave her apartment to be used as house fellowship where she gathered all the TREMites that she could reach among the first set of civil servants that relocated to Abuja as a result of the Federal Capital of Nigeria being transferred from Lagos to Abuja. The few TREMites that she brought together to fellowship gave birth to the first TREM church in Abuja and thereafter send to the presiding Bishop of TREM Dr. Mike Okonkwo to send a pastor to come and pastor the church. The church then was known and addressed as TREM Idu branch and when it started, it hath neither form nor comeliness; and when you to see it, there was no beauty that it should be desire. The environment was despised and rejected of men even most TREMites that were transferred to Abuja do not want to identify with the church.
However, the pioneering members and the pastor in charge kept pushing and the church keeps growing and raising disciples for Jesus. The church which started with few members as a house fellowship through faith in the word of God and positive confession was able to acquire a land and build a church and after some years expanded the building as the hand of the Lord and His grace continue to increase upon his church. The church was dedicated by the presiding Bishop of TREM Dr. Mike Okonkwo in 2001. The church continued until March 2006 when the former minister of FCT (Federal Capital Territory) embarked on massive demolition in and around the metropolis in his quest to restore the Abuja master plan which eventually affected the church as the entire community was demolished. The church at the time had a 2000 seating capacity auditorium with a newly built Nursery and Primary School located within the church compound.
As it is written in Romans 8: 28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose" The demolition exercise triggered the second evolution of the church from TREM Idu to TREM Jabi which is in the city. Though this transition was a challenging moment for the entire church members, everything turned out to work for our good and it was a glorious exodus from a satellite town into the heart of the city of Abuja. Moreover, due to the resilience and dogged faith of the set man of God, Rev. Nathaniel Anwumabelem the church commenced service immediately in Triple J Hotel in Jabi District, but in less than four weeks relocated into a rented apartment within the same district and the church continued there for a period of two years as the Lord God Almighty promised his servant that after two years, we will move into our own land in the city of Abuja.
Soon the pains, disappointment and devastation of the demolition was turned to a swift joy and fulfillment of prophecy with the allocation of 2.4 hectares (24,000m²) of land to the church by the Federal Capital Territory Authority in a prime location about 5 minutes’ drive from the official residence of the Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory. This brought us to the third phase of the church evolution and a journey to our promised land (City of Faith) and the church is now known and addressed as TREM Life Camp. The church in 2008 moved into the site after the construction of a temporary worship auditorium and at the same time commenced work on the 7,000 (Seven thousand) seated auditorium. The new piece of land has 7000 seated church auditorium, Crèche, Nursery and Primary school already in place and would be accommodating a multipurpose office complex as well as a convent of about 50 luxury flat apartments with a large car parking space. There are a lot of work to be done but God has been faithful to us even with few membership strength He is using us to accomplish great things for His Kingdom. You too can be part of what God is doing in this ministry by supporting the work in progress in whatever capacity God gives you the enablement to make your own contribution for the expansion of his Kingdom on earth. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. God bless you all for being part of this great mission.